About us

About us

Welcome to Little Bean Vintage, where you will find high quality vintage handbags :)

started this website out of my love of vintage luxury handbags. As a consistent vintage luxury lover for many years, sometimes I have to sell parts of my collections in order to try out something new, well new to me anyways! During these years nightmare situations have popped up from time to time. From receiving fake items from other sellers, to being returned a completely different bag from what was sold (that one was a wild ride).

After many years of buying and selling and trying numerous third party platforms. I thought, there must be a better way!

With the help of my family, friends and this amazing community of vintage luxury resellers, we are so happy to announce the opening of our first online shop!

As a consistent vintage luxury seller now, we absolutely understand the feeling of being a buyer.

We always try our best to describe the items condition, as well as show as much possible in photographs. 

We believe the most important rule in this industry is honesty, because every item is special in its own way.

We appreciate your time and your patronage, and look forward to working with you in our vintage fashion endeavors!

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